Kids Cornwall - A Gazillion fun things to do in Cornwall Kids Cornwall is the 5th edition of a book that is jam packed full of ideas about what to do in Cornwall, whether you are on holiday or a 'local'.  Put together by parents from Gorran School, every penny we raise will go towards our dream of replacing our old Elliott Hut with a brand new classroom so you are doing a great and noble thing by buying this book - helping to make a big difference to a small school in Cornwall.

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Never be short of things to do in Cornwall

We’ve picked the brains of parents, kids and grandparents throughout Cornwall to compile a vault of stuff to do in Cornwall. This book will stimulate the sulkers, get teenagers out of the bedroom and captivate the kids who can’t concentrate on anything for more than 5 minutes with a full 100 pages of ideas, pictures, guides and illustrations.

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Kids Cornwall - A Gazillion fun things to do in Cornwall
Kids Cornwall, c/o Gorran School, Gorran, St Austell, PL26 6LH


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